Amadeus AA

Adhésion Trail jusqu'au 31.08.22


Vous êtes adhérent de AAA, vous avez accès au Logiciel de réservation du centre sportif de Bel Air. L'adhésion vous donne accès a la section Loisir. Vous devez recevoir un badge AAA sinon contact  



Yearly membership costs 15 €, payable by CB via the AAA web site for Amadeus staff members and your life partner.

Membership runs from 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022.
Membership includes race subvention up to 250 € per year, which is distributed on all Trail races with a fix refund of 65% for all races.

All trail AAA members should register individually using dolibarr tool ( to be refund.

You will find all information for tool usage : ( :

    • First connection (use login : [email_identifier] ([email.identifier] and please click on Password forgotten to generate a new password that will be sent to your amadeus email and you should be able to connect and able to fill all necessaries information.

Note : That you must specify your team group as AAA Trail for every race (for team, group/society you represent during the race). If not specified , you wont be refund.

RACES 2021/2022: 

 All trail races should have a subvention.

Afin d'effectuer une commande, pensez à vous connecter.