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Adhésion basket jusqu'au 31.08.20

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  • Dates : Du 01/09/2019 au 31/08/2020


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Who :
Women and men enjoying playing basket ball, disregarding their level.

When :
As no training slot is allocated yet to our club, there is no official training for us. However as there are many basketball playes in Sophia Antipolis, they all play on the same field and we are now used to practice basket twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

People start to play around 12h15 and stop whenever they want but generally everybody left before 14h.

Depending on weather conditions, you might find  a lot of people to play or only few. There is no communication performed for those weekly practices, emails will be sent only for special events that require to build a team such as the Championnat de Basket de Sophia (CBS) or the Sophia's games (scheduled May/June)


Where :
At the College International de Valbonne (CIV), in the Parc des Bouillides. This is an outdoor field.

We are usually getting change in the Amadeus Cloakrooms and then go there walking/running (see map, ~1km) or by car. For those who go by car, do not hesitate to ask around who else takes his car, a minimum of coordination is always better.

How :
As you maybe already understood, no formalized trainings here: we go to the outdoor fields, join other Sophia's employees who enjoy playing basket at noon and try to organize games the best way possible (from 3x3 to 5x5 with subsitutes depending on the number of players available). No referee of course, so a good spirit is always appreciated in order to go back working relaxed rather than frustrated.

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