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The sessions take place at the stade des Bouillides in Sophia on Wednesdays from 12h15 to 13h15 (except on 15/2, 22/2, 1/3, 8/3, 19/4 and 17/5 when the coach is not available).

  • Each session starts with athletic exercises to improve your style and endurance.

  • Then we improve your speed with 100 / 200 / 400/ 800 m fast running, each runner is timed to monitor progress.

  • We end the session with exercises to increase strength (abdominal, balance etc).

  • Each runner receives individual advice to improve.

  • You can still come to the stadium on the days when the coach is absent (see above) and train with the group. The coach will provide a training plan for the sessions when he is away (and which are not paid).

Enclosed find a link to his profile: Mickael CROUIN and his Organisation Sport Consulting

For the next season we plan 16 sessions from Feb 1st to June 28th

Prices to pay to the coach (before subsidy) (it will decrease if more people register)

if 8 runners 140 €

if 9 runners 125.50 €

if 10 runners              112 €

if 11 runners              102 €

if 12 runners              93.50 €

Once the amount is fixed and once you are confirmed, you will need to pay the coach via bank transfer and receive an invoice from him directly.

For Amadeus employees and their spouses (ayants droit) you will get a subsidy of 50% after requesting it on with your invoice attached.

NB: The deadline to register is February 8th, as we need to calculate the final price for the sessions, which is based on the number of people.

Please note that you need to pay the full price, even if you cannot come to all sessions. It is not possible to pay only for half of the sessions if you cannot join every scheduled session.

Actually this is the situation of most people, there will always be absences between their holidays, business trips and other obligations.