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Roure Trail 9K

  • Type de commande : Règlement en ligne
  • Dates : le 24/03/2024
  • Date limite d'inscription : 15/03/2024



ROURE TRAIL - 9kM / 300M D+

The AAA Running club is taking registrations for the second edition of the "RoureTrail du Camp Romainwhich takes place on Sunday 24th March, in Le Rouret.

This is organized by the APE (Association des Parents d’Eleves) of Le Rouret kindergarten and elementary school. All the revenues will contribute to the school projects for these young schoolchildren.

The AAA Running Club are supporting the following 2 races:

16km / 550m D+

From Le Rouret you will go to the Châteauneuf sector to climb for the first time to the famous Camp Romain with splendid views to the north of the Cheiron, the Gorges du Loup, the Pic des Courmettes and Gourdon in particular…

Then you will descend by the side of Roquefort-les-Pins, before crossing part of the village of Rouret to go up on the ridge and cross the Camp Romain itself, and go down again with magnificent views of the Sea, from Nice to the Esterel, passing by the Bergerie, near the famous Grotte du Rouret and by our Pont Romain!

Start: 9h30 in front of le Théâtre du Rouret

Finish: Le Théâtre du Rouret

9km / 300m D+

It takes the first ascent then the last descent of the 16km.

Start: 10h00 in front of le Théâtre du Rouret

Finish: Le Théâtre du Rouret


You can collect your bib number on Sunday 24th March from 07:30 at the race start (+ an other date TBC)

To register for the race please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Make sure that you paid your AAA Running Club membership for 2024AAA Running

  2. Register on the AAA Running web site for your chosen race: 16K/550D+ or 9K/300D+

  3. Send an email to with the following information before 15th March 2024 (you can subscribe directly via LeRouretTrail du Camp Romain website after this date)

    • First name/Last name

    • E-mail address

    • Race: 16km or 9km

      A valid FFA licence or medical certificate + other complementary info including a contact in case of emergency are required to be uploaded via a link I will provide you in a 2nd step. It will be the only way to validate your subscription and get your bib. This is the responsibility of each runner.

      For more information see LeRouretTrail du Camp Romain website

    Afin d'effectuer une commande, pensez à vous connecter.